About C360

C360 Design Solutions is an endeavor with a vision to provide cohesive and inclusive design solutions for construction projects.

While there are various design problems/challenges and equal quantum of responding solutions, the way design solutions are delivered matters the most. We strongly believe that the conventional processes of delivering design solutions can be better managed to satisfy the reasonably expectant end users

C360 provides optimal qualitative solutions by converging the inputs of the subject matter experts (SMEs) associated with, to deliver one single optimized output. We provide end-to-end turnkey design solutions – Architectural, Structural, MEPF, Façade, Landscape, LEED consultancy – for various types of projects in various industrial sectors, through a single window response, thus relieving clients of the hassles of seeking and converging multiple design experts together.

The design associates of C360 have multiple years of core domain experience, thus adding strength to the delivery capabilities.

Being the Indian affiliate of a Singapore based design firm, C360 brings to table, the international design approach and also has attained delivery capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, in the Corporate and Hospitality sectors.

Ours is a “Boomerang Approach” towards providing design solutions. To elaborate :

  • what and how we throw ensures the comeback of a boomerang
  • similarly, how we design and what we input, decides, how the facility behaves / responds
This approach helps us to consciously understand and decide the inputs to design so as to provide the desired solutions