Founder's Desk

Season’s Greetings!

Relativity is “the absence of standards of absolute and universal application”. Relating this definition of relativity to the end products of various construction projects has enlightened me on the truths that

  • every stakeholder of a construction project, since inception through its life cycle, relates himself/herself to the project, on a unique, self-defined plane
  • this self definition is more driven on terms of functionality/end use, rather than on perceptions

This fact fuels the motivation of self as well as the team to address this very basic but often ignored aspect around which design solutions ought to be woven, to the reasonably possible extents!

I believe in, as well as uphold this “Relativity Approach” as the basic design principle that would govern the solutions provided by C360. The organization also stands to be named on this principle.

S. Saravana kumar
Founder /Managing Director